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Do buyers really understand on how to rate and give those glowing stars?!

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We do great work, and sometimes we dont do. Either way, buyers rate us out.

My questions is, Does our day to day buyer knows the biased , best way to rate us ? is there a way to have a even better understanding between us sellers and the buyers ?

For example, some buyers praise that it was a great,amazing job and gives a 20$ tip too! but due to lack of understanding the fiverr platform or system, they leave behind 3 stars or some!

Not all buyers do this. but there should be a better way to explain this kind of stuff around, 🙂

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On Buyer Help Center, there’s everything explained from How Fiverr Works to Rating Your Order. But do buyers really learn and understand that at all? Well, easiest answer would be, some do and some don’t.

In fact, there could have been worse scenarios. Thanks to Fiverr’s policies that many issues are auto-resolved even before getting worse. For example, I’ve faced some buyers who never marked the order as complete. I had no worries about the completion since the system would mark the order as complete after 3 days of delivery. But I did got disappointed on not getting any reviews for those orders that I poured my soul in to complete and I wished if system had a policy for positive auto-rating as well. 😛

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