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Some tips, tricks, and ways to increase fiverr sales


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If you see lots of people have good sales with their gigs, here you should follow some good tips below in order to get lots of sales:

-Make attractive images for your gigs: The more eye-catching your gigs’ images are, the more chance you have to increase volume of sales.

-Choose keywords more relevant: Why? Actually, Fiverr like Google somehow. If you take a look at the search in Fiverr, then you will see it is quite the same with Google. So you should focus on relevant keywords in Title, Description and Keywords section. This will give you more chance to make your gigs be displayed to potential buyers.

-Ask your buyers for positive feedback: If you want to make your gigs more popular and attractive, you should ask your buyers to post positive feedback and good rating when you finish your tasks. This will make other potential buyers have more trust on your gigs and your TAT (turn around time).

-A video can turn your whole life: Why? Fiverr officials also strongly recommend to make a video for your Gigs. And buyers trust more on your gigs. This will increase your chance to have more sales at 80%-90%.

-Submit your gigs to Social Networks: If you have time, share every gig of yours to a Social networks for more Exposure. When people do search on Google, they can see your gigs too.

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@kjblynx thanks

new tips:

-Submit your gigs to Social Networks: If you have time, share every gig of yours to a Social networks for more Exposure. When people do search on Google, they can see your gigs too.

Besides the above featured tips, you can follow other techniques below to increase your sales: All are quite easy to apply and make your gigs stand out the crowd:

  • Offer something unique (sure you will get sales at 100%, but make sure that your gigs are funny, weird, attractive, and outstanding, of course)

  • Use an attractive title containing RELEVANT & IMPORTANT KEYWORDS which will help your gigs to more visible in search section.

  • Use an attractive and original image (make a nice and professional picture for yourself, this is very easy, you can go to google search and use some tools to modify it).

  • When you have a sale, try to deliver in time, that’s very important for your reputation. Send message to buyers if you cannot complete tasks in time, this will help you won’t be left with negative feedback or the Cancellation Status.

  • Share your experiences honestly so this will make you become good Sellers with good evaluation.

  • Try to add your images, videos and everything to your profile so it will prove that you provide quality gigs.

  • Try to do some SEO for your link Gigs, so you will have more chance on Google search.

  • Offer a good bonus if you get multiple orders. This will help you get more orders from the same customer.

  • Be fast with your reply. Customers love prompt responses from sellers.

  • Capitalize the important words in order to help to attract eyes.

  • Add all the possible relevant tags, because buyers can find you faster and easier. Use Google Tool to help you know what keywords are important.

  • Add as many gigs as you can, so by doing this way, you can have more chance to get more sales.

  • Make collections for your gigs. This will help you have a good chance to draw potential buyers.

    Some categories that most Top Sellers are active in:

  1. Graphics

  2. Online Marketing, SEO

  3. Social Media, Social Networks

  4. Video Marketing, testimonials

  5. Article writing

    At present time, Fiverr has more and more members and gigs, so it will be difficult for you to have good volume of sales. So we create this community to help both newbies and experienced ones, Especially for Newbies, so you can try our section here to make your gigs more attractive. We help give you advices to improve your gigs quality, and make them more visible to potential buyers.
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