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Is getting the first order just become harder and harder?


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Hi, this is my first post here. I’ve been a Fiverr buyer for a while but has started selling just this month.

I was wondering how long did it take to get your first order? Incidentally, I just noticed this question has been asked several times in the forum.

However, somehow I think it’s getting harder because the competition is only getting fierce. For a competitive category or keywords, one can hardly find any new sellers without reviews listed on the first few pages. So I feel new sellers today (April 2018) have to do more then earlier sellers to get noticed.

Sometimes it looks like a chicken and egg situation. You need reviews to rank higher but, you can’t rank higher without reviews.

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You can promote your gig(s) outside fiverr, share you gig(s) on facebook, twitter etc.
I will also suggest you send offers to buyer requests daily, you have 10 offers to use per day, that might increase your chance of getting orders.
I wish you best of luck as you begin your journey as a seller 😉

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