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Why 1k+ Stars Gigs rating converted to 100+


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I’m really shocked to see this o.O

Why 1k+ selling and 124 gigs selling looks same now 0.o

actually 101 rated sales gig are being compared with 50.000+ rated gigs.

I still dont understand why fiverr doesn’t let the best sellers to keep evolving. Every month there is something new to avoid good sellers to distance from the bad/average ones.


1.ranking placement rotation

2. number of rating downgraded to 100.

3. more features to new and inexperienced sellers (new sellers tab, recommended/relevance tab) than for those who are doing a really good work.

And many others we had in the past.

it seems that fiverr try good gigs to not stand out between those who are not good. I just can’t understand this.

Fiverr changed the life of thousands of people. Many dropped their regular jobs to dedicate entirely to fiverr, and then, BOOM, you are passed behind, just because…

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