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How to sell? Help me out please


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I’ve been on Fiverr for 5 months now, I have 6 gigs up and 0 sales. I know unique and enticing gigs are what sell but I’m doing all that’s in my capability. Anything to contribute? I see much newer sellers with gigs similar to mine sit on the front page for days racking up sales. What can I do PLEASE help 😦

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Hi, uniqua. I’ve found the gigs that work best for me are the ones that require the most work. (Sigh.) I have ebooks for sale and I offer editing but it’s the ghost writing everyone seems to want. I’m not sure what gigs you offer, but it seems a lot of buyers want you to work specifically for them rather than sell them something you can then also sell to others.

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I love your work. Very cute.

To help out I can give you one of my advertising gigs for free.

It will get all your gigs shown 10,000 times on my website in your own gig widget.

Just reply to this if you want it.

Gig is at


Other than that I would think like a Google bot and change your gig titles. I had a quick look into my Google keyword planner and I think the following title would work better for your Chibi Gig.

"I will do a chibi drawing of you like all adorable chibis for $5"

Then I would do a post on the My Fiverr Gigs discussion with a title that says

"chibis. Cute chibi drawing of you"

Google indexes the titles of these posts more than anything else and these words may get your post and then your gig in front of the search engines more.

Other than that I would link to your gig photos and put them on Pinterest etc with the same title, “Chibis. Cute chibi drawing of you.” That way people can click the pic and hopefully end up at your gig.

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