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What do you think of Fiverr starting to 'mobilise'?


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Just noticed that some parts of the Fiverr website have been given a mobile version.

What do you think of it?

I find it to be fairly slow to load and it is still quite frustrating when it hops from mobile to desktop site (eg the ‘to dos’ section isn’t mobile optimised yet) I can live with this on my tablet but on the phone it is frustrating.

Overall I does look OK (just like the desktop v2) but I’m just wondering when they will fully mobile optimise the site, and maybe - the Fiverr App!! I would happily donate a small sum (like $5) to see that app up and running

Just want your opinions guys, and see my gigs, I have a 2 for 1 offer on!

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Guest marsch001

I think it is great in theory, but it doesn’t work on my phone - and the desktop version doesn’t work now either, going from the mobile one. I contacted CS about it, and basically got the reply that it wasn’t fully functioning yet and that they don’t know when that’ll be.

I do look forward to when it will work as well as they are planning, because I miss being able to check orders and read/reply to messages on my phone, which saved me a lot of time and worry about needing to be close to a computer to do it. Especially if I see a notification in my inbox that I’m unable to reply to right away.

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