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My Fiverr Story


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My name is Courtney Cannon better known to you as Fiverr user NoScamParents.

I started my gigs on Fiverr almost two years ago as a way to supplement my income.

I was a preschool teacher and my husband was working a roofing job and in the winter when he couldn’t work as often Fiverr really helped us out.

I have a three year old son who was one at the time and as I am sure you are aware children cost money! We have since moved onto factory work, but Fiverr still remains a valuable asset in our budget!

I started out offering childcare advice and then quickly starting looking through other members gigs to get some ideas of what I could do to increase sales.

I stumbled upon some voice over artists and saw that all you really needed was a headset which I already had from running a podcast for awhile a few years back, and some free software to record and edit everything. So I took my camera and made a sales video for voice over. Although looking back on the video I cringe because of how nervous and giddy I was it still brings in sales every week for me.

I then progressed onto recording voice-mail prompts and directories and then I really spiced it up with a British accent gig! My little sister and I had been doing British accents since I can remember reading books, quoting movies and occasionally reading the back of the shampoo bottles in different accents just because it amused us. And we got good at it. So good that my British voice over gig is my number one top selling and top rated gig on Fiverr, with over 100 positive reviews and zero negatives!

I’ve made a little over 3,000 dollars since joining Fiverr 2 years ago and I keep a steady flow of orders every day. Thanks so much Fiverr for helping my family and me out. Maybe sometime in the near future I can do this full-time and leave the factory behind!


Courtney Cannon

A.K.A. NoScamParents


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