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New here but not really new

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Hello everyone!

I created my account last year, did not understand Fiverr fully back then. After abandoning my account for some months I came back and still figuring out Fiverr.

For someone with experience in branding, WordPress, Graphics, etc. it’s quite hard converting a lead to sales.

Why are buyers asking for samples then whoosh; Ghost mode (Spooky)?
Then again, with the little buyers’ requests shown, I feel most buyers don’t go through all requests.

I don’t have a template, I write in reply to the request and no lead.

Thanks to one particular repeated buyer. She saw what I could do (I’m not professionally perfect but I try enough). She actually read the request.

Level 1 seems far but I am here to build a portfolio the best way I can.

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Guest andydesigner

well now a days fiver just block people that does not mean you cant try again and cant win then simple tip to win is to make a strong profile dont copy past and see how people will come to your place as designer i was being kick out from top rated seller with no reason but i know how to get back up and see how this goes so hope that will be helpfull

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