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No Longer Appearing in Search Results


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In the last week, my highest performing gig, with over 500+ five star reviews has disappeared from the search results. Consequently, my orders have stopped.

When I contacted Fiverr, they responded with the following message:

Our editorial team reviewed the Gig in question, but unfortunately, we are not currently able to restore this Gig to our Search Results, as the service offered in the Gig is not currently within our editorial focus. This Gig is still active, however, so you may still promote the Gig outside of Fiverr to bring potential buyers to your Gig.

Fiverr appreciates Gigs that are innovative, original and creative. Therefore, Gigs that have these characteristics will always be appreciated more.

Does anyone know what this means? Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a solution?

It is disheartening when there are gigs cloned from mine still visible in the search results.

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There have been several threads about this same issue. The gigs I remember being affected were writers of erotica and the sign holding gigs. I know traffic driving gigs have even been deleted. Maybe if you use the search feature, you may find some of the other threads on this issue. Good luck.

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