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To Succed in fiverr, you must play with the rules


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Being a seller in Fiverr means that you are their employee which mean you must play by their rules.
Every success is always tied to strict adherence to every rule and policy. Never sell what is not recommended. Below are some important points to Note.

  1. Use Fiverr App in your phone so that you will be able to respond to every client asap.
  2. Ensure that not even a day passes without you logging in.
  3. Unlimited revisions can be dangerous at times.
  4. Use a professional language when responding to every buyer.
  5. Learn to say Thank you:grinning:
  6. Offer things you are good at.
  7. Incase you are not able to finish a given task, it’s good to outsource to someone who can be quick rather than cancelling an order.


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