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How to promote your Fiverr gigs via web 2.0 websites

Guest gigpromotion

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Guest gigpromotion

In this post i am going to talk about how to promote your Fiverr gigs via web 2.0 websites.

Now if you are lazy, you can’t do this because it involves writing articles about your gig and adding links somewhere that leads to your gig. We might also be lucky to rank on google for any keyword we use as link.

Luckily for me i have been running articles for my affiliate sites before i started on fiverr, so it was easy for my to just write some 300 words, place it on the web 2.0 sites pages i already own and direct traffic to my gigs.

The sites i use include blogger, tumblr, wordpress.com, squidoo, feedbite and hubpages. There are many more but these are the one i use.

The beauty of using these web 2.0 sites is that your article will remain on these sites forever and you will continue to get traffic as long as you also link back to these articles. That is what we call linkwheel. Linking to one site that links to another one.

What i also do is go to go to Ping.in and ping all the pages i’ve created. I’m sure you are getting the general idea!

Don’t take the example I’ve just given as a rigid formula to be followed to the letter. There are other web 2.0 sites you can use that probably i don’t know yet. The beauty of this method is that it can be mixed up in a thousand different ways; the more original the better. These way you don’t have to be featured on front page of Fiverr to start or continue to make sales. Its about advertsing yourself directly or indirectly.

I am not here to teach you how to write articles or how to post to web 2.0 sites. You have to do a little research of your own.

Hope this helps someone. Cheers.

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