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Few Tips for good experience on Fiver(Cont..)

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Ok So If you haven’t read the previous post please read that as well !!! Few Tips for good experience on Fiver!
This post is a cont of that !!
6. Order Cancellations!!
Few of the new sellers get really nervous on cancelling an order and you should be but there are certain circumstances that you must get a cancellation right away… ( few of you might disagree with me but a 80 % cancellation rate is always better than a 1 / 2 star review)
a. Your buyer (5$ buyer) is constantly rejecting every sample you provide with the text “i dont know something is missing in it” … or may be like changing concepts again and again … there might be the case that you lack the skill to satisfy him/her or may be he is too demanding … but you would never be able to satisfy such a buyer ever in your life !! so instead of wasting your whole day trying to convince him again and again and in the end what you get a 4.5 star or may be 1 star and 4 $ … no that is not a fair deal … (If you face these issue too often then may be you should work more upon your skill level)
b. Your buyers wants something extra and dont want to pay for it … so first just ask him very nicely … real nice if he still wants more free work (a work that would take more than 1 and a half hour) then please cancel such order you can end up completing the order but dont just make this a habit doing free work … because time is what is most important for you and dont give it away for free!
c. Buyer is not responding even though he is online!! Now this my friend is a very technical problem and its connotation would vary case to case like some buyers intentionally dont respond to you so that they can cancel the order after 24 hrs ( there are very rare but yes they do exist) and get a refund and shoot away with your concepts/ideas … or there can be cases when the buyer is really busy so he is unable to respond … although a better solution is that you first ask for an extension in the delivery time through the resolution center but if that is declined by the buyer then dont take a minute cancelling such an order !!

  1. Customer Support
    I was always scared by this name CS in the start of my fiver experience… i thought they are some strict stingy people sitting there just to note your wrong doings and penalizing you (although they do penalize you if you do something wrong ) but i just loved the support here on fiverr when i encountered few issues and i asked for their help!!
    They are really helpful and supportive … so if ever you are worried regarding any issue or anything is bothering you dont just let your heart to decide for a course of action … these cs guys are so nice and supportive you will always get a great response and a better way to solve your problems !!

Now as this post is getting too long so i would like to conclude this topic here and i would come up with another post real soon !!
Regards !!

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