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How can i get more order in fiver and get 5*+tip


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how can i get more order in fiverr and get 5*+tip

how can i get more order in fiverr and get 5*+tip

It sounds like you want the benefits of working on Fiverr, without the hard work to EARN those benefits. So, perhaps I need to ask: what are you doing to earn your customers? Are you reaching out to the people who need your services, or are you just expecting thousands of customers to randomly find your gig, and place random orders just because you want them to?

Your gigs are a business. if you want to become successful, and if you want to earn sales from those gigs, you’re going to have to treat them like a business.

You’re not going to “get more order” without any work to EARN them.

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The easiest way to get more orders is to promote your services in relevant places on social media.

Look on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Reddit. If you find a group, hashtag or subreddit relevant to the gigs you’re offering, and they allow links, put one in.

Be aware that orders don’t come in overnight. You’re often left waiting for several days, if not weeks, to receive orders from people. Don’t give up. Keep editing your gigs to make sure they’re the best they can be, and scroll through the upyour series on the forum if you need advice. Seriously, they’re great!

The trick to getting 5* reviews once you start receiving orders is to do the best work you can do. Live up to their requirements and be flexible in revisions so that you can satisfy them to the level they desire. It’s not a definitive 5* review, because you can’t please everyone, but do your best. You need to EARN your reviews, and that takes work.

You shouldn’t expect tips, either, especially at the beginning. I received a tip on my first order from a very generous buyer, but that’s not the norm. At all. Some established buyers have special gigs dedicated to accepting tips, but this isn’t really something you should do as a beginning seller.

Good luck!

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  1. You’ve read that a hundred times for a good reason: your buyer is always right. Please remember, it is all about meeting your client’s expectations, instead of arguing with your client.

  2. Your Gig influences your buyer’s expectations - do not create an impression of a product which you can not deliver.

  3. Deliver some extras or a special surprise. Do not mention it. Do not ask for extra money. Just deliver it.

  4. Make sure to tell your buyer right at delivery that you will do any modifications that are needed. Don’t wait until your buyer asks for changes.

  5. Remember your buyer hired you to solve a particular problem. Make this your number one priority.

Although this does not guarantee 5* + tip, it is more likely to get quite good reviews by following these rules.

All the best,


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