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I got my first sell in fiverr from my gig

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I’m happy to have order in my business card gig https://www.fiverr.com/s2/30688389c6

I was waiting for it, after one month I get it. I would like to share my experience specially for new seller who is waiting for his first order.

1.Share your service in every social media which you think more popular.
2. Buyer request option is they main way which can give you order. So, think that you are in jungle and you have 10 bullet. Every single bullet can give you food. But you have to do proper use them. Don’t lost any one.
Do you know how can you do lost your bullet?
Well I explain it, Be the first person of every single buyer request’s offer. So that your offer will get the buyer in his/her mail. You will have top value then other peoples who offered for the work.
3. Write a good latter which latter can attract the buyer.
I was disappointed about writing a post for offer the buyer in buyer request.
But I try and try then I made a god post.
My post is Hi … I’m here to design your (hre will be the name). I already read your request and I interest to do that. I’m a professional graphics designer with 3 years of experience. I have a lot of goodwill for my service in my local area. But it’s true that I’m new in this marketplace. Don’t worry! Because I provide unlimited revision and 100% satisfaction or money back guarantee. So, be sure you are getting the best service from me. So, Place your order I’ll try my best.
Thank you…

  1. You must have to ready-made post written. Because It will take more time to writing on the spot other one send offer the buyer or the request will gone.
    Keep you mind you have to do best of use your bullet.
    Good of luck… Thank you!
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As @somaginer1996 mentioned, refrain from using templates when writing offers. Try to customize your offer as per the buyer’s request and that means reading the request carefully. In the end, you don’t want to get stuck with an order that you cannot fullfill. It will waste the buyer’s time + money and as a seller, you will get a bad review.

There are far too many sellers copy pasting offers in buyers request, please don’t add to it. Best of luck!

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