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Online presence for writers - Fiverr PRO


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I was looking into the Fiverr PRO thing today and I started an application just to see what happens. I got stuck on the first question - ‘your online presence’. The options are, in my opinion, better suited to people in other categories (all my gigs are in Writing & Translation) - there’s plenty of platforms I know my web development/design/voice over pals are using to display their samples but the options for writers are somehow limited.

There’s Medium (which I don’t know much about it but it seems to be more for personal content), Wordpress and Blogger (which are great but if I put my client’s copy up there as a sample, my actual client won’t be able to use it since Google would flag it for plagiarism).

Am I missing something? I’ve got a portfolio right there on my gig but putting the link to it is not an option when applying to Fiverr Pro. If someone has successfully gone through the application process, do you mind sharing which platform you use for your samples? I’m not sure if I’ll apply to Pro now or in the future but I figured having a writing portfolio outside Fiverr might be a good idea anyways.

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I’m a writer and my online presence is mostly on wattpad.
It’s such an awesome social media site for writers!

Some other serialized sites for writers are Tapas, Channillo, Sweek, and Serial Box.

I spend almost all my free time writing and reading on wattpad. It’s the best serial site in my opinion.

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