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We’ve made some big changes to Digital Marketing!

As of Monday, March 26th, we’ve moved all Content Promotion Gigs (or similar) into the Influencer Marketing subcategory.

Why’d we do this? We’re glad you asked. These changes will streamline the category structure, ensure that buyers can more easily find your service, and allow Fiverr to make even more improvements to Digital Marketing in the future. Who doesn’t love improvements?

Here’s what you need to do:
Update your Gig’s metadata ASAP so your Gig is visible and relevant to buyers in search results
Update your Gig’s pricing attributes ASAP to correctly structure it and accurately reflect the service you provide

We know you might need some time to adjust, so we’re giving you until April 6th, 2018 to update your Gig and ensure it aligns with the new subcategory structure. If you haven’t updated your Gig’s pricing attributes and metadata by April 6th, 2018, then it won’t be visible to buyers until you do!

We’re really excited about these changes, and hope that you are too. To check out more details about these updates, head to our forum.

Happy Selling,
The Fiverr Team

P.S. - If you feel like your Gig was incorrectly categorized under Influencer Marketing, please contact us through Fiverr’s Help Center and we’ll review your Gig.

please explain

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