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Stop asking questions about the projects?


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I always ask in my gigs my potential clients to discuss about the projects first, before buying. This is what makes me be sure that I can do it. It is not that I don´t have experience in what I provide, but in this way, I can be sure that I will be in the position to offer what the client will want. Also gives me some time to investigate each project more in depth.
But when I start to ask questions the potential clients lose their interest. Don´t get me wrong I just ask 4 or 5 questions. How can I be quick with the questions and keep the clients interest?
What do you think, should I stop asking?


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When a potential buyer contacts me, I ALWAYS ask a lot of questions just to be sure
I understand the project 100%, and that I am capable of working on it.

I sometimes jokingly but nicely add something like "I’m sorry for all the questions, I’m just that type of person who likes to clear things up before moving to the next step 🙂 "

and most of the time the buyers will say something like “No problem” or even “I appreciate you doing that.”

I don’t think you are doing anything wrong, I think it’s a necessary step to avoid
certain problems.

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Not always, but usually the ones who lose interest are the ones who don’t know what they want. That or they don’t know how to describe it. No one likes to feel… dumb (only for lack of a better word) so a defense mechanism springs up in multiple ways. Them simply choosing to not work on the project with you anymore is one of the more tame ways this comes up. So consider yourself lucky 😄

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