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Its 5 months and i got 1 order and that too got no review because he is not online since i delivered


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Try to check your related gigs what they are doing and then think a new thing that other are not giving and also search group of your related work on social media and share your gig there hope you will get orders soon

Thanks Dude 🙂

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can someone help me ? Please have a quick look at my profile and my gigs and give me advice.

prices are low just 5 10 and 15$ but still no orders. where and what am i doing wrong? just need your couple of minutes. Thanks


just need your couple of minutes.

It took a couple of minutes to find out that you didn’t create those logos in your portfolio.

And this is what you say in your gig description


Heck, you didn’t even write this yourself 😞

I think there’s an honesty challenge open somewhere. Look it up and maybe Nika will help you 😉

You know what if you can own it and say. “Yeah. Nika, I copied the description it was a mistake and I’ll never do it again.” I’ll give you kudos and maybe offer suggestions if you can do that. Everyone makes mistakes and learn from them. Are you up for the challenge?
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Yeah i copied it. i wont do it again. can you give me suggestion?

Wait… so you came on the forum… asked for help… then it turns out you are stealing people’s work?

Now you are back and asking for help? This thread should be renamed to “Buyer Tips: How to spot sellers who offer stolen material”.

EDIT: It looks like you deleted your comment, “Yea I copied it. I wont do it again. can you please help”

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