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I've revised my prices after a long vacation


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A couple of weeks ago, I got 2 large orders so I had to enable vacation mode. One of the clients was really great and approved the job pronto but the other kept requesting for revisions. At some point, I almost canceled the order. Anyway, after 1 month of vacation mode, I thought it would be wise to double my rates to try to get better value for my time.

A couple of minutes into it, I got my first order from a client who had contacted me just before I went on vacation. Surprisingly, she happily paid the new rate. I also got an inquiry from a buyer who wanted me to buy at an even lower price than I was initially charging so I politely declined. Then a return (loyal) client contacted me and I offered them a custom offer with the old price he was used to (How do I tell him I have changed my rates without losing his business? Please help a brother!)

I am not sure how this is going to affect my sales especially since I have been on vacation mode for so long - and also because I was demoted to “New Seller.” But I am hopeful that it will be a good experience 🙂

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