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I am Nancy. I am professional digital marketer.
I am new on Fiverr.
I sent buyer request about 100+ but get only 4 orders.

Can anyone please help me to providing me Tips about proposal writting.??
I will be very happy.

Thanks in advanced.

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One tip I learnt is to customize the response for each buyer request. Generic messages do not always get the response.

Another learning that helped me get my first order, is to do a sample of their work in like 5 minutes.
I just got my first proofreading gig yesterday. The client had attached a word document. I did a quick review, identified a few issues and listed them in my response, to show the buyer that I can do a good job.
That helped me land that gig, to review a document of 20000 words!

Keep at it, and you will land the orders pretty soon!

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