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Raised My Prices, Still Going Strong


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I’ve been on Fiverr for close to 7.5 years. It wasn’t until this year that I decided to raise my prices. Previously, I altered a few gigs, messing with their word count of offering but never messed with the price. Always $5.

This year, I decided it was time to raise my prices. I found myself always working on Fiverr before work, on vacation, on the weekends (not that’s bad for me) and other times when I wanted to spend time with the kiddo. I was hardly in the gym and it was driving me nuts. I needed a change and knew it. (If I’m not at the gym in more than a week, don’t even bother talking to me.) 🙂

I figured raising my prices would be the key in reducing the workload. So, I raised my prices for several of my gigs. I kept a few clients at the old rate because they are good clients. Their articles are short and sweet, which makes writing and rewriting multiple of them in one day easy.

Today, it seems that for every order I deliver, two more try or do take its place. Yesterday, I had to turn down 5 potential buyers. And, I have another client I need to send an offer to.

Last month, I made roughly the same amount as I did the month before when my prices first increased and about a $100 less than in December (freelancing fluctuates anyway). This month I foresee myself making roughly the same amount, if not more. What I’m noticing is that I’m working just as much as I was before I increased my prices.

So, my point is this - If you’re worried about increasing your prices, don’t be. If you’ve proven yourself over and over and over again, then know what you’re worth and realize that increasing your prices is not going to break your Fiverr momentum. The evaluation system might, but raising your prices won’t. Don’t undervalue yourself .

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