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Lost Level 1 seller, although i was shy of a few dollars to become level 2 seller!


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As the title reads, i was expecting a few orders in March that would put me in the level 2 category. It didn’t happen, so i thought maybe next month. In March 15, i received an email said i was demoted from level 1!

It’s so strange, because my stats fulfill all the conditions to be a level 1 seller and then some.

Am i missing something here?

You can see my profile here:https://www.fiverr.com/georkours

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We can’t see anything on your profile which would help us work out what level you should be I’m afraid.

If all your analytics are green (well done if they are!) why not drop CS a note and ask them why you didn’t retain your level 1?

Good luck! ☀️

Yeah, you’re correct, i’ll do that!

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