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Top tips for getting repeat business!


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Okay, so, I’ve been compiling this list for a little while now, I’m very experienced in buying and selling, and I feel I could really contribute here, so, hear me out! Top tips for gaining repeat business, as follows;

  1. Always deliver on time

    That’s possibly the most obvious tip I could give you, but hear me out; it’s vastly important because it shows your buyer that you’re responsible and capable of fulfilling an order for them. Try to avoid asking for extensions, too – while some buyers will happily allow you a few extra hours (or even a day!) for extensions, there are a few who will not and who will be eager to reflect your performance in negative feedback. Just stay on top of your work, deliver on time, and you will impress your buyers. Additionally, try to deliver early if you can. The earlier you deliver, the happier your buyer will be (as long as your work is its usual high-standard), and you will be the first person the buyer thinks of next time! Over-delivering is yes!

  2. Excellent customer service

    It seems obvious but you have no idea how many people get this wrong. Always speak politely with a buyer. Give them your name – it allows them to get to know you, and will see you as a person rather than a web-page. If they give you their name, use it. When you receive their order, send them a message immediately to say something along the lines of “Hi! I’ve received your order and my work will begin immediately.” This might not be possible if you get loads of orders every day, but just remember that it really helps to keep the buyer happy. Otherwise, they’ll just wonder where you are, and, speaking from experience, can get a little irritated if they hear nothing for days. Ask any questions you might need in order to complete your order and try to avoid copy-pasted responses unless you get tens of orders per day. Customers know when you’ve copy-pasted a response, even if you think you’ve done it seamlessly. It’s obvious; it’s vague and robotic, and no buyer will appreciate being treated as a number. The more friendly, polite and co-operative you are, the more a buyer will warm to you and the more likely it’ll be that they’ll seek you out next time they’re looking for the same services!

  3. Always leave feedback on an order

    So, it’s harder to avoid this in V2 , but I always made a point to do this in the older version of Fiverr and old habits die hard. When you complete an order and the buyer leaves feedback, you, the seller, leave feedback too. Try to always leave good feedback, even if your seller treated you like dirt, and remain positive. Keep variety - no copy-pasting! “Thanks for the order!” or “The buyer was fantastic!” are simple enough feedbacks that will leave a good impression on those who are looking to purchase your gig; it makes you look approachable, and buyers who seek a friendly seller will see it and know that you’re not treating each sale as a number, nor each buyer as a $. Buyers will also be keen to return to you; to hear good feedback about themselves will make them warm to you, and raise the chances of a repeat order! (Note: I made this as V2 was just coming into play – I didn’t know that adding feedback was now a necessity. However, my points still stand.)

  4. Be friendly but remain business-like

    Yes, buyers are there to communicate with you during an order. No, buyers do not need to read six paragraphs about your day. They don’t need to learn your nail-clipping schedule or what ‘that slag Lauren’ was wearing today, or how wasted you got at the weekend. It’s a rare issue, but it is one that I’ve seen. If you’re a few days late to respond to something, be vague but not cold; a simple “Sorry to be so late to reply! I’m totally swamped right now” is an easy enough response for a buyer to understand. You’re late, you’re sorry, but you have a reason. Every buyer I’ve ever had to send that to has understood. As long as your work is still delivered on time and to a high standard, they will be fine. A buyer will not be keen to return to you if the threat of workplace gossip hangs dangerously overhead like a cloud of breezeblocks. “Sorry I haven’t replied for a week – I’ve been on a girls holiday and I got sooooo smashed!!!” is not something anyone wants to read after days of silence.

  5. Repeat offers!

    If you’re looking for repeat orders, try and incorporate an offer in for repeat clients only! “Repeat clients are entitled to buy one get one free!” is an example that can easily be used for almost any type of gig. Try to be creative, or think outside the box! A buyer will go where they can get more for their money. Having bought from you before and seeing your offer, a buyer will turn to you later on if they’re requiring the same services, because you’re offering more for their money than anyone else!
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I agree with all of these tips - except number 5! I may get a reputation on the forums for this, but I don’t believe in offering discounts or freebies - fiverr is already discounted enough.

But another forum member had a great idea that I am working on incorporating. Give a free gift for repeat orders. I am having another fiverr member write a short tip guide for writing children’s books that I can include in my delivery. A great way to reward repeat buyers without giving away gigs.

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Reply to @toonimals: I don’t tend to do freebies too often, but I have used them before in certain circumstances and they were really successful with the buyers! However, I do see what you mean; considering we earn $4 per order, there are some gigs where freebies just would not work at all.

Ah, gifts! So, you’d send the same tip guide to everyone who was eligible for a gift? 🙂

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