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Frequent Cancellation Help


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Hello! I’ve have an issue lately with cancellations. Buyers keep ordering my gig, then either don’t provide me with the required information or just don’t have any idea what they are ordering. I would think that when a user orders incorrectly or doesn’t provide information, this wouldn’t count against me. Am I wrong?

I provide support for Facebook Pixel code tracking, which requires login to their website & access to their Facebook account.

Does anyone have general tips to make sure people order the correct gig? Or at least ask questions first?

My gig: https://www.fiverr.com/canj_hello/install-the-facebook-pixel-on-your-website

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Since this is such a big problem for your gig, I suggest finding a way to shorten the package descriptions and add “MESSAGE ME BEFORE ORDERING” as the first sentence of each package description. That takes up most of the characters you have, so maybe write that + “see description below.”
Also have the first sentence of the gig description say the same thing–in bold and highlighted.
If a significant amount of cancellations came from non native English speakers, I suggest rewording to SEND ME A MESSAGE BEFORE ORDERING.

Do you have buyer requirements page set up? Make sure each piece of information you need is in a separate requirement, explained as simple as possible (for non techies) and marked as answer obligatory.

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