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What you need to achieve TOP RATED SELLER- Quality, Originality, & Speed!


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Fiverr is the EPITOME of a GIG ECONOMY- its a free market- (this one is on steroids!) If you’re gigging, you are in it, & you are in it to COMPETE! Maybe since joining Fiverr you’ve dreamt of leveling up to enjoy the status & sales of (cue the angel choir) TOP RATED SELLER! There are plenty of perks but if you really wanna be a TRS you gotta mean it, You’ve gotta be the best at what you do so “WORK THAT UP-DO!” (from that SNL sketch if you’ve see it). I really don’t know how the fiverr team picks Top Rated Sellers but I’ve been one before, twice actually (but don’t ask, its a sensitive subject ok?) so here’s a few of my best guesses.


Lets face it, you need a high quality gig that people want & need. The highest quality gigs get boosted to the top of Fiverr categories & search results. Heck, you might even get it featured on the Fiverr homepage. (WICKED!) The great thing is you can make your gig so awesome that people think they can’t live without it. To do that you need to make & upload a video describing your gig. This is the biggest thing you can do to enhance the quality of your gig. It makes your gig come alive when you are LIVE promoting it.


feedback, Feedback, FEEDBACK

did I say feedback? cuz its IMPORTANT! Getting Feedback, not just positive feedback but OUSTANDING feedback, & tons of it, repeatedly, is what differentiates your gig’s quality from everyone else’s. When someone sees your gig with 1000 positive reviews & no negative feedback they’ll be like "DANG!"


As in “Purple Penguins riding a Panda” Never heard that one huh? Cuz it’s ORIGINAL! listen everybody, I can’t tell you HOW MANY TIMES I’ve seen people offering 10 million twitter followers for $5. Sorry fellas but its not original. If you really want to tweet for five make it something like this “I will tweet for you & get you twitter followers like a MOFO! for $5”. Do you see the difference? Its even better when you offer a totally sweet gig that no one else is doing. There are times when that might not be possible for example, like in the highly competitive, creative category of “Logo Design”. If you want to get your foot in that door you better be willing to put your most RIDICULOUSLY original foot forward. I know because I have done it! Take it from me, upgrade your gigs with ORIGINALITY.


In this day & age people DO NOT want to wait for anything, EVER…PERIOD. People don’t snail mail, they instantly email. People don’t order fast food for no reason. They order it because they are hungry, "NOW, DANG IT!"

Understand? Lets apply that lesson to Fiverr. On Fiverr people are a little nicer than that, most people will give you the benefit of the doubt because they realize there is somebody else behind that order button who has to respond & deliver and for that reason they can’t have it “NOW!” but they still want the gig ordered ASA-freekin’-P! Understand?

For the example I’ve described above, the solution is simple. DO NOT MAKE PEOPLE WAIT. Especially not longer than they absolutely have to, or they might get upset. Respond to their inquiries quickly, always deliver on time; you could even try delivering EARLY (but not if it means its gonna be CRAPPY). In the words of Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty, You want to make people “happy happy happy.” (they might give you a $5 tip!) If you make that your motto & incorporate these three characteristics: QUALITY, ORIGINALITY & SPEED into your gigs, you may end up Fiverr’s next Top Rated Seller.

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Thank you for the tips!! Not sure about your #3 though. While people of course love fast deliveries, sellers should also make use of the extra fast delivery option. I worked with a customer who wanted cheap product, with the best quality ever and ASAP! I usually deliver two days before the dateline and sometimes within a day. Everything on Fiverr has been greatly discounted so I don’t see why buyers can’t buy the extra fast delivery for ASAP deliveries! 😉

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