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What do you do when you order a gig


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And the acknowledge the order and ask for $150 more.

I will write your brief of argument for you and I bet it with you, they will convince the Judge to give the judgement in your favor. I am a practicing lawyer with 15 years of experience. In this brief of argument, I will include judicial pronouncements that are binding and I will also include arguments according to the facts of each case. I promise to give you the best and nothing less. I will be happy if you can do business with me. Thanks.

So, this was for a friend -


a friend who had problems with a schizophrenic wife who abandoned the home and kidnapped the baby.

$150 asked for - off fiverr was something else - but I’ve just cancelled - and thieves abound.

I don’t care if a lawyer would charge a million dollars

fiverr says $5 -

not $155

Buyers beware

Sheriff’s note: Gig URL removed as ‘calling out’ not allowed on the forum

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