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Orange Crown Meaning?

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Fiverr recently introduced a new Top Buyer badge, which is designed to help our seller community identify active buyers.


What is the Top Buyer badge?

The Top Buyer badge is a golden crown icon that is only added to a select group of buyers.


Where does the Top Buyer badge appear?

The Top Buyer badge appears next to the buyer’s username in your Inbox and My Contacts.


How is the Top Buyer badge calculated?

The Top Buyer badge is calculated by a number of factors including a hig…


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One out of four of my buyers has this crown meaning top buyer. They have to spend around $350 on fiverr as far as I can tell to get it.

I was told I have a Top Buyer crown when I was messaging with a mutual writer we both know. I have not spent $350. In fact I would not consider myself a TB at all. Although I have ordered 4 or 5 gigs in the last month.

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