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Getting back my mojo after some months away


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Hey folks,

I had a voiceover gig ticking along fairly nicely for a few months. 61 orders, $2640 total revenue, including a $1000+ month in May last year.

Then we had some pretty significant personal trauma in the second half of the year. We had to relocate interstate for some medical treatments and I was unable to do gigs. I had to cancel a couple of jobs (clients were very understanding) and then switch on vacation mode for several months.

We’re back now, raring to go. I’ve reactivated my gig, but I’m getting very few impressions, and zero orders.

I’m messaging all my old clients to let them know I’m back on the scene, but I’m wondering if there are any other clever ways to reinvigorate my gig mojo? I seem to have slipped way down the rankings compared to where I was.

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