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The power of saying, "NO!"

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I have came up with this matter really often. There are many intermediaries order my Logo designing gig. They request revisions again and again as the end customer is someone who is not in Fiverr. So it takes days to get revision request and ultimately I do lots of work for $5.

Sometimes they cancel the gig saying the client is not happy. It’s really hard to do business with intermediaries. Even I get so many threatening messages to do revisions for free otherwise I’ll end up with a negative review. Getting a negative review can be dangerous as hell especially for the people who do Graphics/Logo designing because the competition is really high in this sector.

I’ve been with Fiverr for almost 5 years and had no luck so far to be a TRS. This is the main reason I can’t say NO to those scammers!

That’s very interesting. It’s not right for people to be so rude to you like this.

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