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Gets real orders: tips to be seller Level 01


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Here, I am on fiverr from last 04 years, In this time i have promoted 02 of my Id’s on level 01 seller, 01 is top seller of its catagory and now this is the new one.

What i have learned here, i am gonna describe here in 06 easy ways, it might help you people out.

1. Create landing page for Fiverr gig
2. Make us of LinkedIn Learning
LinkedIn Learning is the latest offering from LinkedIn where experts can create a course they excel.
3. Guest post your Fiverr skills
Find blogs that offer guest blogging on your niche skill. Give exclusive insights about your gig, how much time you invest, tools you use, tips, etc.
4. Give your skill a professional business name and start marketing it
5. Join Facebook freelancing groups
6. Quora, Medium , Reddit are the best social networks to boost your promotion.

Give me you feedback; no matter what side it is

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Thanks for tips

How do you sharing on Reddit? What subredit needs to set? Give some examples, please

And when i add link to Gig on Reddit for sharing, its says “reddit: this domain was banned for vote cheating”

Yes, i noticed that notification. I think fiverr should work on it. still we can create a pdf file with GIG title image and also write the link of your fiverr gig in that pdf file.

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