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Why cant I make any sales?


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Im asking the same question here! i have’t got any sales too 😦

I think it’s from the way you promote yourself.

1-if you have a youtube channel tell people to check your fiverr out

2- you can buy other people’s services in the advertising section and drive traffic to your channel

3- you can buy one or two of your gigs with another account so that it would seem that someone has baught something from you therefore you might be trusted.

4- be more active in the fourm

5- post in social medias e.g twitter or facebook

6-make a reddit post

there are alot of things to do that I am lazy of doing.

most of the time… you just have to wait

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Guest hobby_buddy

Here is my YouTube link where I posted samples of my work. Please check it out 🙂

favicon-vfl8qSV2F.icoYouTube AK162_5giaZAqMWJ_Y-do4f02soVYvVZYW6xKuldVQ=s900-mo-c-c0xffffffff-rj-k-no

jp vicente

Hey guys! jp here. i am an online marketer with years on the said field. I do lot of online jobs..basically anything. Data mining,data processing,file conver...

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