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Demoted to level 1


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A few days ago March 11th, 2018, I all of my metrics were 100% and while business dramatically slowed down in January, I was doing my part to keep it open. A few days ago, on March 11th, I got a direct order (love those) the customer and I began communicating through the “order” email/chat string. At one point the customer asked me to pause for a couple hours while they fixed something in a Voice Over script. Again we communicated through the email/chat regarding that, the customer gave me the new script through the chat/email and told they were good and I could proceed, to which I also responded through the email/chat. Now while I was responding to this final email/chat the customer also sent the same email but this time through the true email mechanism, which according to Fiverr constitutes a 'First" contact. But I was in the process of responding to that same email already. So one, this duplicate email was kind of buried in our communications, 2)It would have been odd and unprofessional to respond to my customer twice. The gig was completed and the customer was happy and gave me 5 stars and nice comments. However, Fiverr has said since I did not respond to that duplicate email in a timely manner (every other responded was less than 20 minutes, usually just a few minutes) that I am now demoted to a Level 1 seller. This is totally wrong and a flaw in the Fiverr Response algorithm. I would understand if I literally was not responding to the customer but we were working and active rush deal. Here is the timeline of our communication

  1. 18:32 3/10/2018 Customer Places Order
  2. 18:43 3/10/2018 My first response to the customer through chat/email(within 11 minutes)
  3. 19:15 3/10/2018 Customer responds to me on order chat/email chain to let him know if I have any questions.
  4. 10:53 3/11/2018 customer asks me order chat/email to hold off for a couple hours.
  5. 11:11 3/11/2018 I respond to the customer via order chat/email That I would wait for the new script.
  6. 12:25 3/11/2018 Customer communicates through order chat/email with the new script and that I could go ahead and proceed.
  7. 12:26 3/11/2018 I responded to the customer via order chat/email that I would get right work on this. (within 1 Minute)
  8. 12:34 3/11/2018 customer apparently Communicates the EXACT same message as #7 through a new EMAIL now, not the order chat/email.
  9. 13:55 3/11/2018 I deliver the order
  10. Customer gives me 5 Star Rating and Commented “Outstanding work and voice as well as sense of urgency and professionalism.”
    Because I did not respond to the duplicate email twice, Fiver took me from a 100% response rate to 88% response rate and demoted me from a level 2 which I have been at for months to a level 1.
    Extremely unfair, I just finished my 301st project in the last 12 months…5% star rating, 100% on every metric until this.
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Damn, that’s harsh for something so minor. IMHO The response rate shouldn’t be so tightly coupled with the Level promotion/demotion system considering that we all live in different time zones and not all of us are able to respond to queries so quickly.

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