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:stop_button: Update: Cautious Cancelations! Q&A on Cancelations and Evaluation Day


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There was a post up here that discussed some ways to discuss cancellations with Support if a cancellation was the buyer’s fault. Since then, apparently, this has not been consistently something we can utilize. Because of some more recent things said, I have temporarily withdrawn the original “Cautious Cancellations” post.

For now, we do not know for sure if all cancellations will affect all sellers on evaluation day or not, even if Support handles the cancellation. Just go by what Support tells you and make the assumption that any cancellation may count against you.

Sorry for the removal of the other post, it still could have been helpful, but I just have no idea if it would actually help people or hurt them if they utilize the information in it. Support does not seem to have a single stance on the buyer-fault cancellations.

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