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? Exams on fiverr for badges and impressions, what do you think?



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Hi all,

I was asked to fill a survey by fiverr. It seems like there is a plan to use the exams/badges system which is already used by some other online freelancing platforms.

You can increase your impression and earn new badges if you pass the “low price” tests offered by fiverr.

So what do you think about this? Do you like the idea of using such system on fiverr? I think it is good for new sellers to “collect” these badges which give them more chances to gain some orders. But on the other hand, I think it is an indirect way to just collect money from sellers!

  • I like the idea 🙂
  • I don’t like it 😦


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Paying for exposure.

They already tried doing it (without courses), and it didn’t seem to work well, so they dropped it.

I don’'t remember that one,but if that is the case “paying for exposure” the website will lose a lot of buyers I guess :\

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