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I got the response rate down in 3 hours but I do not receive messages since Tuesday 13

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Today was the revision, and until 6:00 am (Argentina) I appeared with a 90% response rate level three hours later I checked the page to work and I was 89%, and from the 13th I did not I got no message which confuses me Why in three hours under my response level if I received no messages from Tuesday 13?
I have to wait until next month but still, I need an explanation, this is very frustrating.

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I am not sure why, but my response rate dropped by 1% this week also even though I too answer all my messages. :roll_eyes:

As there was a bug but cs did not accept that.

Hello all, I want to inform you about an issue. Maybe I am not the one faced this issue. As you know there was a message problem with fiverr at March 04, 2018. We received messages but couldn’t reply them. Today my response rate went down suddenly. I’ve asked CS for that as I always reply all my messages within 5 hours. They said me that this was because of messages that I have received at march 04, 2018 However I’ve replied all these messages as soon as they fixed this issue but the system …
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