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Order Cancellation issue

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It means the buyer requested any revisions on the completed order and you have not did it and there for the buyer complained to the CS and they have cancelled it.

Now there is no solution for this … just concentrate about your next orders.

Just keep in mind to keep your clients always satisfied with your service, even the order is marked as completed there is options to cancel and refund. if they are satisfied with your service then it will not happen and also you can get good review.

Even if they refunded for a satisfied and good reviewed completed order then you can complain to the CS and refund back.

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You offer unlimited revisions, so Customer Support is likely to side with the buyer.

Also, you offer a lifetime service guarantee. On the one hand, CS might believe that you have to provide it, and on the other hand, since we’re not allowed to offer anything that takes more than 30 days to deliver, they might delete your gig (or your account).

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Why do you offer unlimited revisions if you refuse to do them? The buyer deserved to have his money refunded if that’s what you did.


You do realize that you cannot make promises like that just to make sales, then refuse to honor them afterwards, right?

Once they cancel an order that is the end of it.

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