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Make a gig Using Secret Tricks

Guest md_liakot

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Guest md_liakot

To night first time I was created my new gig and it was a awesome experienced to make a gig properly. I was using some secret tricks when i created my gig which is my gig title. First of all think my Gig title what should be my gig title then second think is, if anyone search on fiver there needed service when what kind of keyword they using and i will show my gig front of clients easily.In this case i was use at first my Gig related search keyword like(responsive, website, html5, professional, landing page,squeeze page, etc in my gig title.) because I am a front end developer. but that was not a meaning full line. when I finished my gig creation then i was change my gig title like(I will Design Any-Type of Eye -Catching Website For Your Business in 24 Hours. )because it was a meaning full line.
Now anyone search my gig related keyword they show my gig front of there.

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