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No activity on my post?


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Wow, you are bothered by no response after just an hour? Whew, you may be in for a tough time on this site.

1.) Since your post is in the advertising space, not many people read that area to respond to posts. Those posts are usually just “buy my gig” posts. If you wanted to ask for help, wouldn’t it have made sense to post in Improve my Gig?
2.) For many forum readers, it’s still the weekend, or close.
3.) For many forum readers, it’s nighttime when they are either spending time with family, eating, working on last minute gigs, etc. The forum is slow during hours like that.
4.) There are no paid people on the forum just waiting to respond to you so they can get a paycheck. Everyone here is a busy seller, buyer or both. They have orders to deliver and lives to tend to.
5.) Sometimes posts do get quicker responses, but one single hour isn’t that long. Get read to wait much longer for staff responses and other things.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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