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Newly joined buyer gave a bad feedback :((


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Recently i got an order from a newly joined buyer (has joined the same day he ordered my gig) to edit his document for English Grammar. I did all my best and delivered saying "if you have any question plz tell me"

This buyer has put a negative feedback about 4 lines long, saying my work is not VERY good, and says he doesn’t like the word “plz” in the message I had sent him (description).lol… This guy has focused mainly on my message than my work…

My rating which was 100% has now droped to 98%, that I didn’t get a single order today 😦

When I contacted Customer Support, they told me to request the buyer to remove the feedback, and they too are helpless this moment.

Dudes, what am i supposed to do here? Should we just wait until someone come and give us a bad-feedback?

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