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Wooohooo! We have completed second level and we are so glad


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Hello beautiful folks,
we are graphics designer team and we must share my happiness and a feeling about this! we are feeling so glad that Finally we have completed 2nd level.

we need to share this because we worked last 2 years in other company, until to sepetember and then we decide to focus all my time to Fiverr. Before that, we have few done orders.Few past months we just spend time on work, learn and promote things on Fiverr and fight to catch Level 2 and we did now.

we don’t want to take your time anymore. Like you know we also spend much time here on Forum, we made a nice contact here with a lot of sellers and we would like to say thank you fiverr and all the beautiful people especially on this page to guide me, without you guys it was not possible.

we are posting this a motivation for those who are just starting and are struggling to get orders. Don’t give up. When we started we were actually complaining for the first 15 days and was expecting to get more orders.

Best regards
Logo trends.

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