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"I would say it’s 60% quality of work, 30% customer service, and 10% being creative."

Guest lukasdenemarek

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Guest lukasdenemarek

Interview with top rated seller OrlanoExpert - Before I started working at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando Florida, I vacationed there at least 8 times a year. I am an expert in everything Disney, Universal, Sea World, and all other Central Florida attractions. I have recently published a book titled, “150 Orlando Vacation Tips from a Disney employee”.

So what exactly are you selling?

Everyday I find new ways to make money on Fiverr. I do what I’m good at. I advertise other sellers gigs on my personal website, I also tweet their message to my huge twitter following. I write commercial scripts for businesses and other clients. I recently wrote a script for the Presidential Candidate of Mauritania, but that’s about as extravagant as that gig goes. It’s mainly small businesses. I also make Apple style commercials for businesses and products. I have a graphic designer that I send work to and we split the price of the gig.

How long have you been on Fiverr? And how long did it take before you make first dollars?

I’ve been on fiverr since August, so I’m still kind of a newbie. It started as a way to sell my fantastic ebook “175 Orlando Vacation Tips from an ex-Disney employee” (which you can get from visiting my website www.orlandovacationtipsblog.com ) And every so often I got another great idea for a gig. Some worked. Some didn’t. It took me about a day to make my first sale.

The full interview and many more can be found on FiverrSuccess dot com.

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