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Seller In Buyer Requests


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If you type “sellers posting in buyer requests” in the search bar above you will find numerous posts about this abuse of the rules. This is one of the most discussed subjects on the forum.

I once was curious about that too. The thread I posted will let you know about the kind of jobs those sellers get. 😂

“sellers posting in buyer requests”

I have been very curious about whether or not the sellers posting on Buyer Requests are getting any sales there. I was tempted to post one of my own just to see what would happen. However, I did not, because it felt so wrong to do so. Then I made an offer to someone who clearly was not a buyer but a seller. I also explained that if he intended to sell his gig he was posting as a seller where only buyers were supposed to post. He answered me, “I do it because everyone else is doing it.” The…
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