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What Does A Buyer Look For In A New Seller? Your Way To Getting Repeat Orders


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During the initial weeks, unless you have a unique skill set to offer, it takes an extra effort from your side, to get your cash register ringing with those new Fiverr sales.

As a beginner to the world of Free-Lancing, It Is Important To Know, What does A Buyer Looks For In A New Seller like you?

Unlock These Secrets For Achieving Your Goals With More Fiverr Sales.


TYPE 1 BUYERS are aware about the simplicity of the gig they are looking to buy from you.

These are gigs where even beginners can deliver satisfactory results. The Buyer is now shopping for Discount Sellers. TYPE 1 Buyers are searching for New Sellers, who are waiting to increase ratings by doing service for discount price.

As a New Seller on a competitive platform like Fiverr, this is a good opportunity for New Sellers like you. Use this situation to make the Buyer happy and make them get used to you. If they find dealing with your is stress-free you can expect repeat orders from TYPE 1 Buyers.

(Check into the reviews of New Sellers and you will find the above described repeat buying pattern.)

As a New Seller, do not rush into up-selling too quickly to TYPE 1 Buyers. Give it time for TYPE 1 Buyer to get used to you. Make correct use of this situation to forge a long lasting business relationship for repeat Orders from TYPE 1 Buyers.

TYPE 2 BUYERS are ready to risk on an expensive gig from New Sellers like you.

The type of gigs TYPE 2 Buyers are shopping for are highly priced Service oriented gigs.

TYPE 2 buyers already knows other established Fiverr sellers. The sellers they were dealing with before, have now become busy and not able deliver quickly. TYPE 2 Buyers are aware of the complexity and expertise required for the gig they are shopping for.

The TYPE 2 buyer is ready to risk quality, but buy a highly priced gig from a New Seller like you, expecting a faster turnaround time. TYPE 2 Buyers needs this service delivered quickly and needs your Personal attention for a one to one requirement orientation.

TYPE 2 Buyers approach a New seller like you, who is having plenty of free time and can offer a quick delivery and have time to listen to the details.

(These are the type of big orders, that takes the New Seller by Surprise and gets them over excited.)

As a New Seller, this is a good opportunity for you to display your skills and prove that you can be relied upon for fast delivery. Use this opportunity with TYPE 2 BUYERS wisely and forge a long lasting business relationship. A New Seller can quickly start up-selling to TYPE 2 Buyers by offering faster turn around.

As a New Seller, your ability to identity the type of buyers you are dealing with and able to deliver custom solution that fits the above Buyer profiles can help you Achieve Your Goals With More Fiverr Sales.

All the best to the New Sellers on The Fiverr Platform.

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