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Problem placing order - help please


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I’m having difficulty paying for an order. When I look up Help Center, I do not have specific information to complete the form so it isn’t sent in. I have 13 pending payments on two different credit cards to pay for the order. fiverrs says there is a problem with the payment, try a different card or contact your bank. I did both and the problem is still there today. I do not have the proper information needed to use the Help Center…
This is what I see on my end

Submit A Request
Select the relevant subject:
Order Support
Account Support
Customer Invoices
Report a Bug
Feature Support
Gig Support
Mobile App Support
Trust & Safety
Intellectual Property Claims
Fiverr Affiliates Deep Ink



Name displayed on invoice *

Address displayed on Invoice *


Your Username *

Order Number*


I used the Customer Invoice selection and then needed these things.

I do not have the following, so it does not get sent into fiverrs.

  1. an order number
  2. VAT
  3. Address displayed on Invoice *

If you can help me…direct me…I WANT TO PLACE MY ORDER!!!

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Guest offlinehelpers

Sorry - only Customer Services can help you - hope it gets sorted quickly, and good luck! ☀️

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Okay, I’m not sure if I got the whole thing right. But from what I understand you’ve attempted to “place and pay” for the order, but haven’t gotten through with paying for it due to such reasons you’ve stated above. From my understanding if this is the case, means the order is not completed/created yet thus there will no order number yet? (I think! Anyone here, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong).

So if you’re using the Custom Invoices choice I don’t think you’ll be able to complete that form.

You should try the Account Support selection then choose a random ticket category or the Order Support selection and choose the order inquiry category and place (N/A) at the order number instead and just really put a detailed description of your case.

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