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What is wrong with Fiverr Support


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Hello Guys my this post is for all senior buyers and sellers.

First of all i Love Fiverr because this platform changed my life.

But i am having very bad experiences with Fiverr support.

i just want to know that every one is facing this or this special behavior is only for me??

5 - 6 months ago Fiverr canceled some my orders worth $1300 i got that orders from 2 - 3 buyers Fiverr canceled all orders that buyers placed on my gig in 1 month i contacted support why this happen they said we a problem with that buyers so we canceled all transactions made by that buyers but i was delivered my services.

i asked support to explain me what was my mistake and how i can know that which buyer payment is safe or not.

but they said we cannot do anything.

just think about it i loose $1300 with in single day. i was very disappointed on that time but then i thought to leave that issue and i tried to focus on my gig promotions.

now i am facing same problem Fiverr canceled some orders worth $130 from my account and order was completed so again i loose $130 😦

so this time i contacted them again and surprised what they are saying.

please check the attached screenshot and read the discussion between me and Fiverr customer support.

Then tell me am i right or am i wrong and please read carefully the objections i mentioned in support ticket.

discussion screenshot : http://postimg.org/image/adivig74t/

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Hey Kjblynx,

They did not canceled order before delivery,

order was delivered and buyer marked that as completed and they canceled after 5 days of completion of order and if they have any issue with buyer what is my mistake i provided him service.

if fiverr system is like that as support was describing and you are also then anyone can do frauds on fiverr simply pay with credit card and cancel the transaction after 5 or 10 days from your bank account.

seller will not get anything… and support will cancel his order.

just suppose if someone buying 100,000 youtube views and i have provided them and after 7 days support cancel that order for security reason then its a not a seller mistake they are paying 20% of each sale to fiverr so that’s the fiverr’s responsibility to provide safe and secure platform to sellers and buyers.

if you are still not getting my objections then i would suggest you to stay with your opinions.

in my way its a week point of Fiverr system and they can fix it with few attention.

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Thanks kjblynx i appreciate your response, but my main objection is

why support can cancel 10 to 15 days old completed order??

if they have problem with any buyer then they have to cancel the order before completion of order so we can stop our services.

3 days is my gig delivery time and after 3 days to mark that as completed this is enough time if they have any problem then they have to cancel that order before delivery time or maximum before completion of order.

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I am having problems with a gig (60), have tried to contact the seller, who will not communicate and has not delivered the product, nor return my $$. I’ve contacted CS twice in the past 2 weeks, no responses from them either. I was a fan, did biz and recommended others to do biz with Fiverr, but no more! The customer experience is horrible!

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