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Help! One of my customers is being very very difficult


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As the title says, my client is becoming a bit difficult and I need help.

I am a digital artist on Fiverr and I draw things for people for FUN, I don’t have any crazy amazing software and set up that will allow me to work like professsional, just simple drawings. I have a customer who at first was no problem at all. They wanted me to design an image for their brand packaging as well as a logo for another package and pattern. No issues there as they gave me lots of info of what they wanted, reference pictures, everything I needed and more. Everything was fine and they decided they’d like me to keep working for them as their illustrator for things and I always love that, especially with this specific product that they had because I love it, use it a lot. I alerted them that I again, am no professional so maybe I can’t do all the things they will need for this ‘packaging”.

I went on vacation a little while after that and put my account on vacation mode and alerted all my current project owners that I would be gone and may or may not be able to get back to their messages for a little while. This person had not messaged me for a while since we finished the first project, but in the middle of my vacation they messaged me several times ignoring my alert and telling me they needed a new design. That it would only “take 5 minutes to do” (just a little more info about their person, they are around 16-18yo and is “making” a product that is already pre-made with their designs on it, sort of like Redbubble- but not shirts and clothing but makeup products) ANYWAY, that miffed me a little but I messaged back saying that I wasn’t near my work station currently and I couldn’t do anything until I returned. They stopped talking to me, and the next day messaged me asking when I would be back and lucky for them it was soon. This time they wanted me to design a packaging for a odd shaped box and they wanted it to go around the box which I have no clue how to do and so I told them that, and they went off on a little rant that they couldn’t find anyone with the style they were looking for to do this and they love my art alone. So I had to figure out how to mock-up something on my own and design this image and packaging for them that they really didn’t have too much an idea of. “something grungey” was all I got mostly.

Anyway- after that, a few days later they came back to me needing me to come up with NAMES for their products. Like their lip color shades, and eyeshadow shades. I don’t do that. But for some reason I (being overly nice and being a makeup lover) helped them come up with the majority of names for their colors.They were happy and went on their way. By the way, during this they let out that they knew me from my personal Instagram and that “my style was so grungey/cool that i would know all the good names and gothic things to name her stuff” ??? So now I feel like they chose me from my instagram based on the way I look, want me to make a makeup line based on my looks, and I’m a little creeped out and cringing.

Now they are back. They have 0 clue what they want, but they need another full packaging (I’ve told them 100 times I have no clue how to do mockups) and logo WITHOUT giving me any ideas at all. They keep saying “something cool” when I tell them I need something to go on- and thats it. I have no idea what to draw for them, I draw IDEAS that other people have and bring them to life. Its like they want me to just do literally ALL of it for them. I feel so bad, I don’t want to turn them away because they told me all these things about wanting to have their own line one day and they are so young, not to mention but they’ve been openablut some very bad things that has happened to them so now I’m guilt tripped… and I’m slightly worried they will trash talk me on my social medias and make me look bad there, too. I’m not sure what to do in this situation. Please help.

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I would be professional, but firm and set down boundaries and let them know what you require from them and what work you do and don’t do.

If they want you to do something out of your comfort zone then you need to decide whether you are willing to do that or not and decide on how much to charge for that.

I totally understand that this is a young client but this person needs to learn how to behave in the business world.

Regarding people possibly slamming you on social media - unfortunately this is now a risk most people face. If it is any help I have been slammed on social media before by an ex employee and by someone that was unprofessional that I refused to work with. I’m still standing and it had very little effect on me.

Just remember that the type that goes and slams people on social media for no or little reason at all do it regularly with lots of people. This says very little about you, but loads about them. When I find people constantly slating others online I unfriend and block them.

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