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I am new...need help


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I have to disagree with the advices given to you. I do NOT believe social media will generate much or any sales.

Ask yourself this question: When was the last time YOU went on social media to buy or hire?

My Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and various other forums/communities are where I go to have fun or socialize. I get annoyed at spams/advertisements. I delete/unfriend people for promoting themselves.

You can win buyer’s request by taking time to write a great proposal. Going low, doesn’t entice buyers, being the 1st won’t win you the project, incorrect grammar turns off buyers.

Take 15 minutes to read & understand what buyer is asking, then MIRROR them + add suggestions.:

"Dear gina_riley2,

I see that you are looking to get a 1000 word article on the origin of German Shepherd. (Insert emotional connection or fact here). I would like to add, for this type of article, in order for me to do it properly & to your satisfaction, it may be better to have 1200 to 1500 words. If you need it to be 1000, I certainly can work with that."

  • Don’t use template response, don’t tell buyer about your education or background or work history.

  • Do tell them about their needs and give suggestions. Providing minor suggestions let’s buyer know that you actually understand their requirement.

  • Ignore those who advise you to be the first bidder. You need to be the best, being the 1st won’t get you the job.

Good luck. 🙂

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In your gig title and image you say you will remove the background image of 100 photos but in your gig description you say 50 photos. Suggest you check all of your gigs and make sure that everything is correct. Lack of attention to detail will put buyers off.

WOW, this is a big mistake… thanks for telling me:heart_eyes:

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