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My Fiverr Pains


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I started very well on fiverr and made good sales and appreciable earnings progressively but I have a pain that no one has solution to.

I have contacted both Fiverr and Payoneer whom should have been in the best position to resolve the issue but not only in several attempts, both of them kept on pushing me to one another.

I have currently made a resolution to look for services I need and those ones that are not really important to waste my earnings on and close my fiverr account till the day i hear they have integrated a payment system that does not really discriminate or fails.

My pains as I know you will be asking is that, shortly after hearing that Payoneer will issue me a card that will enable me withdraw my earnings, I applied for one, promising to come and never did in 3months, reapplied for another one, the same story till i was told is cancelled. I have looked and asked for what the solution could be but there seems to be no spotlight. So I decide to halt my Fiverr excitement for now!

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