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Draft Gig Not Saving Changes to Description, Pricing, etc


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Recently, I made a bunch of changes to a Gig that was sitting in my Draft tab, but I wasn’t yet ready to publish them, so I saved my changes in each section, and shut my computer down for the night. Revisiting this Draft Gig today, not a single section was actually saved. Everything reverted back to its original draft state before I made changes.

I have a suspicion as to the reason behind this possible bug. I noticed that the Draft Gig’s hyperlinks are based on the original title I set for the Draft Gig. When I changed the title and saved, my Draft Gig’s hyperlink did not update with it, instead keeping the original title. Perhaps my changes were saved to an invisible/unlisted Draft Gig with a different hyperlink based on the new title I set? If so, this does not show up as a separate draft in my Draft tab, nor is it reflected in the original Draft Gig.

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