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Let us not Pounce like a Hound :dog2:


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Lately I have been noticing a lot of hostility/passive aggressiveness/unfounded accusations etc. on the forums and wanted to point out that this an open forum and people are free to present their opinions/expressions and such.

When regulars/other forum members react and reply aggressively to posts it often causes unwarranted friction and this is debilitating for the growth of this community forum.

We must remind ourselves that this is an international community and people from all walks of life will come and go. And a for a lot of those people, English is NOT their native tongue.

When someone posts something like:

XYZ… bad Fiver…

Instead of bashing the poster from the get-go about their opinion, we should inquire if they meant what they wrote. Maybe the person was not able to truly express themselves due to lack of a proper English vernacular.

Try to take a neutral stance on any posts as we may/may not know the complete story behind it always. Instead of imposing an opinion consider asking yourself how you would feel if the behavior was returned to you.

These are only my suggestions for a more harmonious forum environment.


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